The End of Courtship?

I think this is an amazing article about the dismal state of dating, and why it's so hard to find long-lasting, healthy relationships.  As I say in my book, Girlfriend 911, if we want to be courted properly we can't expect our men to just know that.  Especially these days where "casual hookups" are the norm, and most men are more comfortable with texting and Facebooking than talking on the phone or communicating in-person. The men at not at fault here, we are! We have the power. It's up to us ladies to set that standard for ourselves, and make sure from the beginning that we won't accept crumbs.  It’s also up to us to communicate clearly to our men that if they want to date us, they are going to need to court us and date us properly. That's how you truly get to know someone, that is how you explore each other and test your chemistry. Attraction and romance have to build. The more time you give it to build up, the more explosive it will be when you take it to the next level, by which point you will have built a strong foundation. That's a great way to start a new relationship.  The other way – what most people are doing today – just isn't working.  Is it any wonder dating and relationships are such a mess these days?

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