Customer Review on GF911 Saves The Lonely

GF911 is an awesome read and has helped me realize I haven't been True to Myself. I now understand why my relationships have failed and I haven't gotten the results I want. I suggest this book to all women, but especially anyone who is currently in a relationship that is not working, or someone who has a desire to be in a relationship.

"Opposite Day" is something in the book that describes what a man says versus his actions. This is "nail on the head," where my man is currently at within our relationship. It is comforting to find something that identifies what your man is doing within your relationship, because it gives you understanding and now I know how to get what I want out him. Whether he responds positively, my being True to Myself will empower me to not be concerned with his decision. The book is empowering and I feel stronger after reading it.

I sent an email to GF911, and she personally responded with advice. How awesome is it to read a book and be able to gain further understanding or advice about your personal situation from the author herself. I can't say enough great things about this book. It is a great and easy read. You should purchase this book today and be on your way to being True to Yourself.


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