A Full Moon in Libra is Powerful Time to Let Go of Relationships That Aren't Working!

We are in a powerful planetary phase at the moment, with an especially intense Full Moon. So if there's a lot of drama in your relationships right now that's probably why. For those of you in unhappy relationships, this is a good time to let them go and clear your path to allow new people and happier, healthier relationships in.  Here is some awesome astrological advice on what it means to have a Full Moon in Libra:

"Libra is all about Balance and Harmony, and the Full Moon in Libra wants you to let go, at least partly, of those relationships that put in jeopardy your own Inner Balance. The Moon wants you to preserve your own energy for those outside loves and things that can respect your full power and softness, your true identity, your real desires both for yourself and for the relationship.

The energies want you to see that when you give too much of yourself or when you feel undervalued, not respected, honoured or inspired enough in a relationship, in other words when it's Imbalanced for you as you give more than you receive -- you actually loose your own inner happy there & in the name of the outside.

The Moon wants you to see that you deserve more than those relationships that can't love you as you deserve. In those specific situations you sometimes compromise yourself to keep the bond as it is. You know that if you break the compromising deal, crisis follow.
You know that dramas happen if you refuse to keep yourself small, silent, waiting or if you speak your true desires.

You know that the relationship is based on a deal that makes yourself hide parts of your worth, beauty, true desires and aspirations -- and you know that if you break the unhealthy deal, the relationship could fall.


But tonight, you can let it Fall.


If you don't, new people or new ways of relating won't be able to find you because you'll simply be stuck somewhere else.

You need to move out, in order to move in -- if you see what I mean.

Without those spaces freed up in your heart from what's meant to fall, the newness of love can't find you.

It's a difficult time I know.

It's hard because we wish that they had loved us as we loved them.

It's hard because yes, sometimes we did love them to the Moon and back.

But they didn't, or perhaps they couldn't, return the Moon.

You get to choose to set yourself free from those relationships that ultimately attach and cord you, without giving you as much as YOU are able to give in this life, which is Unconditional Love.

It's hard to let go of people that we love especially when we are empaths because we keep thinking or hoping that they will change.

This, nobody can know.

But at least tonight, and for your own joy, remember to save yourself first & that Love need Two People to Tango.

The Moon wants you to see, again, that the right path on this journey is always to choose Yourself.

As you let things go, take immense care of yourself and Trust that more aligned loves, loves that allow you to keep your own inner balance, to rise as tall as you're meant to and to love as deep, kind and magic as you're longing for - will find you, when you sign up for Freedom." Lovehaswon.org

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