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This book came to me during a much needed time. I was ending a 7-year relationship in which we built a life together, but he didn't want to get married. Confused and hurt, I left the relationship. We were continuing to be "friends." Everytime we hung out, I would leave the situation feeling used and like I deserved more from this man. Then, ta-dah, the book came to me. Now living alone, I had time to read it and actually soak it up. Everything made so much sense. GF911 helps you understand that by lowering your standards, you actually create the problems in the relationship. I knew this, but needed cold, hard words to slap me in the face. Many of my friends would make excuses for me. Like "What a jerk! I can't believe he did that to you!" But after reading the book and taking responsibilty for lowering my standards and accepting "crumbs," I saw the light. I have been doing it wrong for so long! I wrote my Goodbye Letter and feel more empowered. I wrote my Standards List, and feel even more empowered. Why have so many of us lost that self-respect? GF911 tells you that you can get it back! I am referring all of my friends going through relationship problems to this book. It has helped me understand where I always go wrong in break-ups and why I always feel like the a-hole when I "go rogue."  Thanks GF911 for all of you help!

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