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I read through this book in record time, thanks to a strong recommendation from an old friend. Disclosures first - yeah, I'm a dude. And certainly Girlfriend 911 is a worthy hallmark of chick lit and to be honest, no person possessing a Y chromosome ought to be anywhere near the proximity of this book, due to its brazen and often amusing ego-shattering hard truths. Worse still would be letting their woman get her lovely paws on it and by proxy, holding themselves and their hubbies to higher standards of human communication and mutual respect. I read the book because I'm an author myself and I wanted to measure current zeitgeist in twenty-first century literature when it comes to dealing with the problems of romance between us cavemen and the fairer, wiser sex. Kahn and LePage do an excellent job of analyzing modern dysfunctional American relationships; their prose in relaying the importance of owning up to self-realization and applying it to real life actualization is sharp, witty, and poignant. I would certainly recommend this to any female friends having difficulties in their relationships, particularly those who've been subject to more selfish and arrogant examples of the opposite gender. Excellent read for women. Men, perhaps not as much, especially if you're one of those fellas who never take ownership of your frequent errors...unless you're a sensitive and caring guy like me, of course.

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