Red Flag: An Example

A red flag is defined as a warning of danger or a problem, and something that demands one's attention. In relationships, red flags are necessary indicators that something is not right.  The mistake that most women make is that they notice a red flag, but they totally ignore it. Pay attention ladies, to what's going on.  When you notice a red flag, DON'T ignore it. Understand what it's telling you and act accordingly!
I was in a brand new relationship with a guy that I totally adored. He had so many amazing qualities and I thought I was so lucky to have found him. He was very loving and caring, and did super nice things for me like often bringing me flowers and planning really cool and fun dates. I had never had a boyfriend be so attentive. There was however, one small problem, which as we continued to date, ended up being one large problem. He was very possessive and jealous and couldn't handle me being friends with guys, let alone with my ex-boyfriends. I read Girlfriend 911 and immediately recognized this issue as a red flag. I thought I could fix the issue and tried many times to explain to him that these guys were just friends and nothing more, but he couldn't and wouldn't let it go. Bottom line: he didn't trust me and it ended up being the demise of our relationship. I knew I deserved better!


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