Dear GF911: First Meeting Jitters

Dear Girlfriend 911,
Tomorrow morning I'm meeting a physicist and doctor for coffee at Peets. We connected at eHarmony and turns out we have a lot in common. Soooo, seems like we'll have lots of stuff to talk about.... but..aside from the usual No-No's like talking about money, former husbands, boyfriends, sex, politics, etc....
is there any ONE thing I should be careful about?  Is there a chapter in your book that I should read tonight? So the case study begins... 

Dear Meredith, 
Of course my recommendation would be to read my WHOLE book and I really encourage you to do that as soon as you can. Only reading one chapter is like only being on diet for one meal and eating badlythe rest of the time -- you and I both know that doesn't work!
Taking your situation into account, however, I would say for the purposes of your date you should read Chapter 7 -- "Do's and Don'ts for every Girlfriend". That will be a good starting point. Hope the date goes well. 
Girlfriend 911


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