GF911 Tools: Your Standards List

For those of you who have read Girlfriend 911, you know the importance of setting high standards for yourself. For everybody else, a standard describes what you will and won't tolerate in a relationship or dating situation. So many women throw their standards out the window when a man comes around. Girlfriend 911 demands that you set high standards for yourself and NEVER lower them.  If you want to be treated
properly and respected by the man you're dating,
it's imperative that you create a list of standards for yourself. Write down your list of standards and stick to them.

1. I will not pursue men. I will let men pursue me. That includes not accepting phone numbers from guys. I will tell them, “I don’t call men, men call me.” Also, I only give my number to guys I’m actually interested in going out with. If I’m not interested in him, I don’t waste his time or my time. I will politely decline.

2. No more booty calls. No more friends with benefits. I will not sleep with a man until I am in a committed relationship with him, and he’s in a committed, monogamous relationship with me.

3. I will not date a man who doesn’t properly date me. Meaning: He must ask me out at least one day in advance. I will not be considered an afterthought.

4. I will be honest and up-front with my feelings and be clear about what I’m looking for.

5. I won’t accept crumbs. I am worthy and will not settle for less than I deserve.

Your turn….

1.  _______________________________________________________

2.  _______________________________________________________

3.  _______________________________________________________

4.  _______________________________________________________

5.  _______________________________________________________

6.  _______________________________________________________

7.  _______________________________________________________

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