Dear GF911: Jealous Boyfriend Problem!

Dear Girlfriend 911,
I've been dating this really great guy for the past three months. He always makes such an effort and seems to do everything right, only problem is he's really jealous of other men, like male friends on Facebook and any other guy that I might talk to, and he gets really angry every time he thinks I'm looking at or talking to another guy.
We got into another major fight about it a couple of nights ago at a friend's birthday party because he thought I knew too many of the guys there and it really pissed him off. I was very upset and angry that night, but now I'm missing not having him around and not entirely sure I want to end things. I don't know what to do as in every other way he's an amazing guy and we have a lot of fun together, but I think I need to have a deep discussion with him about his weird behavior. I haven't been in a relationship in a long time as good guys are just so hard to find, so I'm really reluctant to break up with him. Please help me!
Very confused

Dear very confused, 
It's hard for me to read your email and not want to shake you upside the head. You need a reality check: how can this guy be wonderful or amazing, if you're not allowed to even look at another man without him losing it? That is a big problem and a HUGE red flag!! I have a whole chapter on Red Flags in my book that I highly recommend you read. This is a guy who clearly doesn't trust you, and obviously wants to control you. His weird behavior (as you call it) is really him showing you who he truly is. Why you are finding excuses for that I don't understand. The "idea" of him might be great, but obviously the reality is not. My advice: run for the hills!! 
Girlfriend 911