Dear GF911: "Goodbye" Email Sent!

Dear GF911,
Well I fnally did it! I sent my "goodbye" email. You were so right. He thinks I am pressuring him and giving him an ultimatum..Thank you for writing this amazing book I am glad to have my power back and stay in my truth! Only question I have is how do you know when to respond to his email or not?
Can't thank you enough for Girlfriend 911.

Dear Amanda, 
My answer depends on what he emails you back. If it's about your relationship and there's still something you need to say, then respond. If he responds he's not on the same page as you, then there's nothing more to say, so no need to respond. I'm going to assume you said everything you needed to say in your Goodbye Letter. If he reaches out again at a later time, only respond if he wants to discuss your relationship. If he's using it just as an excuse to engage with you (and nothing relating to your relationship), I would ignore him. The rule is, now that you have a standard, keep it! So just do what feels right, as long as at all times you're not dropping your standard.