I'm A Guy Who Stopped Dating Because I Found The Next Best Thing!

It's refreshing to actually hear a man say that men have soured the world of dating for him with their games and their hookup philosophies. Here's a man who'd rather be true to himself, feed his soul, and wait to see what the universe brings him. He's done competing with other men whose intentions aren't honorable, stating the following, "Yes, I’m a guy, and yes, I’m saying men ruined dating. Why? Well, for the most part, men are devoted players with phobias for commitment and settling down. They’re devoted to the method of being pick-up artists while tallying the number of times they scored along the way."

Obviously this isn't all men, but let's face it, dating is a very different scene today than it was ten plus years ago. The days of courting and romance are practically nonexistent. It's sad really, as courting is probably the most exciting and exhilarating part of getting to know someone new, something I talk about extensively in my book, Girlfriend 911. At the end of the day we are all looking for the same thing--LOVE. But how can anyone find the real deal? You do exactly as this gentleman did. You let it be organic. elitedai.ly/1HhcBUs

Why It's Important To Just Be Honest!

Why can't we all mean what we say and say what we mean, just be upfront and honest? Imagine how much easier and less complicated life would be, especially concerning matters of the heart.

The Importance of Self Respect

I talk a lot in my book, GIRLFRIEND 911, about the importance of having high standards for yourself in any relationship, and I just love this quote. I wish more people would believe it and follow this simple practice!

"I Always Say, Never Sleep With Someone You Wouldn't Want To Be"

I talk about this in my book, GIRLFRIEND 911, and here's a great article from Tanobuzz.com on how other people's energy can affect you when you're being intimate.  A must read:

Pay close attention to those you share your intimate energy with. Intimacy at the sexual level intertwines your aural energy with the aural energy of the person you’ve been intimate with. These connections are extremely powerful. Regardless of how insignificant they might seem to you, they leave spiritual debris, especially within people who don’t practice any form of physical, emotional, or spiritual cleansing. The more you interact with someone intimately, the deeper the connection and the more their aura is intertwined with yours. Others can sense this energy which can repel positivity and attract negativity into your life.

“I always say, never sleep with someone you wouldn’t want to be” - Lisa Chase Patterson

We are all physical creatures by nature, but we are also far more than that. We are spiritual, energetic beings as well. When you get intimate with someone, you merge with their energy. Anytime you are intimate with another person, you absorb some of their spiritual energy and they absorb some of yours.

If you engage with uplifting, loving people, their wonderful energy is absorbed and uplifts you as well. If you engage with negative, unstable, pessimistic people, their energy will having you uninterested in your daily life. Keep in mind that if the person you are engaging with sleeps with a variety of people, the have absorbed the energy of all those people. Next time you jump into bed with someone, keep in mind that unless the cleanse their energy regularly, you will be getting intimate with anyone they’ve been intimate with as well.

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Perfect Timing

Waiting for perfect timing is something I've always struggled with -- my frustration at things not happening in my timing when I want them to manifest. But, there is something to be said about learning to sit back and be patient, and wait for perfect timing. Things don't always happen when we want them to, and that frustrates a lot of people. But that's because the universe knows best. There is a perfect time and place for all things to happen. A "sweet spot" so to speak. If you try to rush or force timing, no matter what you do, things will not happen the way you want them to. This is especially true in matters of the heart.

Case in point, in 2008 one of my first clients reconnected with an old friend at her high school reunion. Sparks flew and the chemistry was intense. They went out a few times and had tons of fun, but it didn't work out. They weren't in the right place in their lives for a serious relationship. Timing wasn't right. About a year later, they reconnected again. A few text messages went back and forth, they had another great date, but it soon fizzled. This same scenario would play out three more times throughout the years, but things never worked out, despite their intense chemistry. Then...there was a two year gap, and when they reconnected again, everything was different. They were different. They were both ready for a mature relationship, and timing could not be more perfect for both of them. 7 years later!!...They finally found their sweet spot.