Better Late Than Never

Young love often leaves such an imprint on our hearts and brains that those partners are never truly forgotten. Sometimes that love is given a second chance, even decades later. Statistics show that former sweethearts have a better than 70% chance of reconnecting again later in life -- only this time, FOR GOOD. Listen to these stories and understand why it is so common for lost love to once again be found. How many of you have reconnected with old loves on Facebook or other social media sites? We would love to hear your stories.

Happy Valentine's Day!

In any relationship the most important love is self love. So this Valentine's Day whether you're in a relationship or not, make sure that you're spending enough time taking care of and cherishing yourself. Happy Valentines Day! Now go ahead and treat yourself. Here's a great list to get you started, you deserve it!

The Difference Between Loving Someone And Being In Love

This is a great article about how it's supposed to feel when you fall in love, as opposed to when you love someone. I'm in agreement with the writer; one involves a choice and the other doesn't. When I fall in love, I have no control over my feelings. My heart dictates how I feel, and even if I wanted to shut it down, I can't!  When I love someone, it's a totally different feeling. I can choose who I want to love and who I don't. Just wondering does everyone feel this way?

Own Your Stuff!

Personal responsibility plays such an important role in our lives, and yet most people refuse to look at their own behaviors, patterns and choices to figure out why their lives aren't working out the way they want them to. This is especially true when it comes to our relationships. In my book, GIRLFRIEND 911, I talk about this subject extensively. If you want different results, make different choices. Nobody else is to blame for the choices you make, but YOU. Have the courage to look within yourself, and own your stuff. Then watch how things in your life magically turn around for the better.  

10 Things A Man Can Do For A Woman That Are More Intimate Than Sex

This is an awesome article about intimacy! As I always say, intimacy really means INTO-ME-SEE. When your man really gets you and you're able to connect with him on all levels; emotional, physical, mental and spiritual that is when true intimacy can be attained. Here's a list of ten great ways to create intimacy in your relationship that doesn't involve sex.