How Do You Look At Life? Glass Half Empty? Glass Half Full?

This poem was randomly posted in a London bar and it's gone viral. Keep reading until the end to see why. It's a must read and great reminder about the choices we make. #glasshalfempty #glasshalffull

Have You Met Your Twin Flame Yet?

A Twin Flame describes a special soul connection between two people. It's kind of like a soulmate, but with a greater intensity.  Twin Flames possess the same soul, just in two different bodies and when they reunite, well that is when you can truly feel complete. Do you know if you've met your Twin Flame yet? Here's a great article detailing the 10 signs that you might have:

I See Hearts Everywhere!!

It's the craziest thing that I help people fix their dating and relationship problems, and I see hearts everywhere in my life. Just spotted this ‪#‎perfectheart‬ on the ground behind my car at the grocery store. ‪#‎iseeheartseverywhere‬

Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert: Things Aren't Always As They Appear To Be!

My mother always taught me, often things are not as they appear to be.  This nugget of wisdom is never more true than when it comes to people's relationships, especially celebrities. Their lives always looks so glamourous and fantastic and perfect from the outside, but that's not realistic and that's not life, and so they rarely are. Here's another example of a couple that looked like they had it all, but obviously all was not as it appeared to be.

Never Settle, If Someone Doesn't Blow You Away, It Isn't Worth It!!

If you do nothing else today but read this article, consider it a good day. This is an awesome article about love, life and finding not the smartest, sexiest, most incredible individual who is perfect … but rather, someone who is the perfect one for you!  I absolutely love that it's written by a guy (it’s not often we get the male point of view on love), and he totally nails it!  "Partnerships shouldn’t be simply bearable. They should be synergistic. They should improve your life, not just keep things steady." And the best advice of all: if someone doesn't blow you away, it isn't worth it!

This Is A Surprising Couple!

This is a surprising coupling, who would have guessed? But I love Bethenny and she certainly deserves to be happy!

Charlize Theron and Sean Penn - Readers Respond to Ghosting Story

The Charlize Theron and Sean Penn "ghosting" article from The New York Times I posted recently has clearly hit a nerve; tons of readers took to Facebook and the Times’ comment section to voice their opinions and share their own ghosting stories. It's shocking how many people have been ghosted. Personally, I don't get it. Why can't we all just be decent human beings?