Emotionally Shut Down Men. Who's To Blame?

How many of you ladies out there have dealt with emotionally shut down men? Men who refuse to communicate their feelings, disappear when things seem to be going great, and leave you trying to figure out what they're thinking, and what you've done wrong to make them act in such a maddening and frustrating manner. Here's a great article from a man's point of view that might help explain why men are conditioned to behave this way. Is it the fault of the men? Or the women?  http://bit.ly/1viGBsZ

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How Men Deal With Intimacy When They Are Just Starting To Experience It

This is an interesting comment from relationship expert, Christian Carter, from the MALE point of view. I know this one will resonate with a lot of you ladies because it makes so much sense, and I'm sure you've all experienced this in one form or another. And we wonder why men are so hard to read:

"Here's an insight about men that's fascinating and strange and that, once you understand it, is going to stop a lot of the pain and frustration you experience with dating and relationships.

When a man gets truly close to a woman and deeply intimate for any extended period of time, he loves that feeling and wants more of it. But the strange part of this is that the moment a man experiences this period of intense closeness, he will take some space for himself.

I know this sounds counter-intuitive, but it's how most men work emotionally. Most men will actually seek some amount of space to "recover." It's kind of like how after a muscle gets worked out it needs to rest before it can grow stronger and be active again.

Men can become distant even in good relationships, and if you know what to do, you can keep your guy physically and emotionally engaged... even when he needs time to recover."

The Importance Of Intimacy In Your Relationship

A male client of mine recently told me that his relationship was lacking intimacy. I assumed he meant sex because men usually equate intimacy with sex, but I was wrong. What he actually meant was communication. He didn't feel he and his partner communicated, he didn't feel connected to her, and thus the intimacy was lacking. Communication is one of the key factors in a relationship, and it was so refreshing to hear that from the male point of view. Men also want to be able to have partners that they can communicate with, that they can share their inner most thoughts and feelings with. The deeper the communicative bond, the deeper the connection, and the deeper the connection the greater the intimacy. Nothing is sexier to me than a man who is open and wants intimacy not only through sex, but more importantly through communication.

Every Time I Thought I Was Being Rejected, I Was Actually Being Re-Directed To Something Better!

In the past few months I've had a couple client situations that haven't gone the way my clients had hoped. I'm not a fan of the word rejection as it has such a negative connotation, but when things don't work out the way you want them to people always seem to go there -- to that place of rejection, and feel really bad about themselves. I learned this very important lesson many years ago about rejection. When things don't work out they way I'd planned, I NEVER feel rejected.  I always look at "rejection" as a positive and know beyond a shadow of a doubt that whatever this "rejection" is, it's in my best interest even though I usually can't see it clearly at the time. So always remember whether you're being "rejected" in your work life, or being "rejected" in your love life, know it's for your protection, because there's always a better plan. Either the timing isn't quite right, or something or someone much better suited for you is waiting in the wings.