If Men Are From Mars, And Women Are From Venus...They Must Have Very Few Words On Mars!

The more I learn about the differences between men and women, the more I understand that men are not complicated beings, they are simple and to the point right down to the way they communicate, and that's a fact. While most women could write a whole book on each of their thoughts and feelings, men tend to keep it very brief. This is a perfect example of what I'm talking about.

3 Relationship Skills You Need To Practice

Practice makes perfect. Here are three relationship skills that I think are definitely worth considering to help you have a healthy and happy relationship. For most people these skills don't come too easily, but they can be learned and worked on.  I think you'll find they will make a big difference, and will help you have a positive impact on your relationship.  http://bit.ly/1jV34dA

Have No Fear!

I understand that sometimes this can be easier said than done, but it's so true.

"If you listen closely you'll hear a small voice hidden in the dim shade of all your fears that whispers, 'this isn't real.'"

The Intimacy of Kissing

Kissing can be so intimate, even when it's with a complete stranger. In seconds, a first kiss can go from insanely awkward to completely perfect. There's nothing like a good old snog! Check out this amazing video of strangers kissing. http://huff.to/1lSiVJy