Stop Phubbing Up Your Relationship!

Have you guys heard of phubbing?  It's when you're in a relationship with your phone and it gets more attention than your significant other. Phubbing is doing a lot of damage to relationships these days. "Negative feelings such as anger, hurt, or jealousy around a significant other’s attention to and engagement with their phone has become a commonplace and often serious problem for many.”  If you or your partner are guilty of such behaviors, this is a must read!

6 Things Men Secretly Love About The Women In Their Lives

One relationship question us women would all love to know is, what is he really thinking? Most men are quite uncommunicative when it comes to their relationships and discussing their deep thoughts and feelings. This is a great article in which men were asked via Twitter what they secretly love about their partners. Here are the top six things:

A Woman Live Tweets This Couple's Insane Breakup On A Delayed Flight

I find human beings to be fascinating creatures, and human behavior even more interesting to observe, especially in the context of male/female relationships. I am always amazed at how men and women communicate, or more often than not, their lack of communication and the strange ways they behave towards each other. Case in point, this couple's breakup which took place on a delayed flight and was live-tweeted by another passenger on the plane. Check it out:

Do You Think With Your Head Or Your Heart?

I'm still discussing the "head versus heart" debate. Here's an interesting article explaining what they think the difference is. Have you ever thought about whether you are thinking with your head or your heart? Sometimes it's good to think with your head only because logical decisions come from that place. But most times it's best to think with your heart. That's your emotional center and your place of truth. So which one are you? A head thinker, or a heart thinker?

The Head vs. Heart Debate

I dedicate an entire chapter in my book, Girlfriend 911, to talking about the head -- where your EGO lies --versus the heart -- where your SOUL lies.  When it comes to making relationship decisions most men (and some women) use their brains.  They think love instead of feel love. True love doesn't come from your head, it comes from your heart.  Here's a brilliant illustration of this:

What Was The Moment You Knew You Marriage Was Over?

This is a very interesting article. Even though it's men discussing their "light bulb" moment when they knew their marriages were over, it can certainly apply to women as well.  I wonder if they asked women this same question, would their "light bulb" moments be the same or different?

I Absolutely Love This One!