Do you feel like you’re in a situationship, but what you really want is a real relationship?

The Urban Dictionary defines a situationship as “a relationship that has no label on it, like a friendship, but not quite a relationship.” There are “benefits” in a situationship, but because the relationship is never defined and there's no commitment, often there’s an imbalance where one person gets everything they want, while the other's wants and needs are never met. If you’re reading this, you’re probably that person.

• Are you unhappy in your current situationship?
• Are you only getting crumbs, and you don’t know where you stand?
• Do you want things to progress, but they’re at a standstill?
• Is your heart is constantly hurting?

GIRLFRIEND 911 to the rescue! My book is here to help you take your bad situationship and turn it into a rad relationship.

I've devised a foolproof Girlfriend 911 program – a formula for attracting and maintaining a healthy relationship. In relatable girlfriend-to-girlfriend language, my instructions are easy to follow. I provide fascinating relationship “case studies” to prove my program works, and I expose the root cause of relationship failure. I skillfully illustrate how to achieve relationship success when you get with my program.

My Girlfriend 911 program will teach you:

• How to set standards and boundaries and avoid being taken for granted.

• The best way to spell out exactly what you want from a relationship so you're not stuck in limbo land that is a situationship.

• How to really deal with a man who can't commit.

• How to take your power back, get in the driver's seat, and never compromise yourself again.

• What to do if you get ghosted.

• How to get over a break-up.

• The 5-key ingredients to getting and maintaining a happy and healthy relationship.

In my book GIRLFRIEND 911, I will provide you with an invaluable set of relationship tools to make sure you stop repeating the negative toxic patterns of your past, and only attract rad relationships in your future. Available at Amazon:

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