Food For Thought!

I absolutely love this, and find it to be so true. In my book, GIRLFRIEND 911, I talk about how important it is to cultivate a strong foundation and friendship first before jumping into bed as sex can often get in the way and complicate things. "Let the man ask you out on a proper date, get dressed up, have him pick you up (assuming it’s safe and you haven’t just met on the Internet), have him choose the restaurant, let him pay (yes, at least the first few dates), and watch the evening unfold. If you enjoy your time together, you do it again and again building a strong foundation and a friendship - one of the key ingredients needed for a long term, healthy relationship. This is also how you explore each other and test your chemistry. Attraction and romance have to build.  The more time you give it to build up, the more explosive it will be when you finally take it to the next level. By this time he's invested in you, and less likely to run or want to exit."  Girlfriend 911

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