Dear GF911: Help!! I Dreamed My Ex-Boyfriend Died!

Dear Girlfriend 911,

I had the craziest dream last night. I dreamt that my ex-boyfriend died and I attended his visitation. We had a difficult relationship with a painful breakup. I wanted to marry him, and he was a commitment phobe so we broke up and got back together many times until I think we finally ended things in February.   He and I have not spoken, or seen each other since then which has been really good for me, but this dream really freaked me out.

I'm in a new relationship, we've been together since April and I'm very happy.  Just wondering what your thoughts are about where this crazy dream came from, and what it might mean?



Dear Natalie,

I think your dream is not about a literal death, but rather a figurative one. It's about the death of your relationship, the fact that you and your ex are done, your karma is over and someone new and better is coming into your life, or as you stated, is already in your life. 

It's almost like your ex came to say goodbye to you in that dream and you got to say goodbye to him. Again not literally, but figuratively. And now that you have a new person in your life, which may end up being "the one" my interpretation would be that your dream is just confirmation that you and your ex are actually finally done. 

It sounds like your ex could never give you what you deserved and what you wanted, so the dream signifies that chapter in your life is over and has ended. Hopefully the new guy you’re now dating can step up and be everything you want, deserve and need him to be. 

I hope this helps you. 


Girlfriend 911

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