All Women Need To Read This!!!

Isn't it interesting that almost all Relationship Experts give the same advice about whether a man is, or isn't that into you!

Below is an excerpt from my book, GIRLFRIEND 911, as well as,  a meme that came up on my Facebook feed today. We are basically saying the same thing, so why aren't more women listening???

"In order for dating and relationships to work, you have to allow men to take on the role of men and women to take on the role of women. Men are born to be hunters, chasers, and pursuers—plain and simple. Men are hard-wired to be powerful, independent, and aggressive; behaviors that can be traced back to prehistoric times when men were actual hunters and protectors and women were gatherers and assemblers. Men need to be allowed to pound their chests and feel like men. Women, on the other hand, are meant to be hunted, chased, and pursued. It’s our job to gather the facts and assemble a healthy relationship. Men and women are wired differently. We all know this. Men need to court women, and women need to allow the men to court them. We don’t have to be completely old-fashioned. It is the twenty-first century, after all, but it’s important to fully understand that women are designed to be nurturers and caretakers. We are made to bear children and care for our families. Men today have become completely emasculated by our inability to allow them to be providers. Of course we can still work hard and have our own careers, but we cannot take everything away from men
when it comes to dating and marriage."

If he's not calling you, texting you, or making consistent plans to see you, then there's an issue on his part. It doesn't matter what the issue is, bottom line -- he's not showing up for you, and you deserve better!

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