10 Things You Learn From Being In Too Many Casual Flings!

If you're in a casual relationship or a "friends with benefits" situation and you're wanting more, this is a must read! I could've written this article, because as I like to say flings in theory always sound like such a great idea; casual, fun, exciting, and spontaneous - so what's not to like? But the reality is far different. When you're doing the "casual" thing and there are no rules, standards or boundaries, and you're not allowed to have expectations, it rarely ends well.  When you're young i.e. in your twenties, flings are necessary and part of growing up and life experience. But for those of us in our late thirties and older, holding out for real love and a long-term committed relationship is where it's at, and what ultimately will make us the happiest. But if you don't believe me check out these 10 reasons why casual flings are overrated, don't work, and often leave us feeling powerless and bad about ourselves.  The author is spot on with each and every point she makes! http://elitedai.ly/2b3yP64

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