Dear GF911: A Man's Point of View

Dear Girlfriend 911,
 Thank you for producing a highly helpful and thought-provoking book.
 I think the real gem for me was your Personal Mantra, “I want to be in a healthy, monogamous, long-term relationship with you, and if you’re   not on the same page, you can’t be in my life.”

I have adapted this based on my 57 years of life experience to make it two-way unisex as follows: 
1. “We cannot progress to the next stage of our relationship with each other unless we are totally on the same page with regard to seeing a real possibility of a healthy, monogamous, long-term relationship with each other.”
2. “WHENEVER we're not totally on the same page, there's to be NO sex of any kind between us.”
3. “If we cannot learn to stay on the same page most of the time, then one of us is going to have to end the relationship.”

What do you think of my modifications, please?

All the best,


Dear Ed,

Thank you so much for reaching out and for your very kind words about Girlfriend 911.  

As the book is primarily geared towards women, it's not very often that I get to hear the man's point of view, so I really appreciate you sharing your insight with me. I think your modifications are great, and as long as you stick to them (sometimes easier said than done), I'm sure you will be able to attract and sustain a long-term, healthy and happy relationship.


Girlfriend 911

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