Boom, Ghosted!

I'm fascinated by the latest dating phenomenon called, "ghosting" and have posted about it a couple of times. Basically, ghosting happens when two people are dating, one person wants to end it, but doesn't have the courage to have an adult conversation and communicate where they're at, so instead they just cowardly disappear and "ghost" you. It's what I call anti-Girlfriend 911 behaviour. It's rude, inconsiderate, immature, and the opposite of how I think decent human beings should behave. Yes, I get that it's the easy way out to just bail without any explanation, but if you've ever been "ghosted" you know how awful it feels. Well now there's a column called "Boom, Ghosted," where people share their horrible "ghosting" stories. Unfortunately, I don't think it will encourage people to "ghost" less, but at least you know you're not alone.

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