Ghosting - Ever Heard Of It?

If you don't know what "ghosting" is consider yourself lucky. Ghosting is when you're in a relationship, or have been dating someone for a while, and they just simply disappear, cease all communication and you never hear from them again, leaving the other person in a tailspin and totally devastated. Basically when someone "ghosts" they don't have the guts or common courtesy to explain how they're feeling in the relationship and why they want out. I'm sure a lot of it is fear based, but to me that's not an acceptable excuse. We all deserve to be treated with decency and respect, and if you're not comfortable having that conversation on the phone or in-person there is always text or email. Remember, treat people how you wish to be treated and please let's stop this ghosting nonsense, bottom line it's just not cool :( Here's a great article on ghosting.

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