The Unicorn Boyfriend - The Perfect Man!

When we're young girls, we tend to be attracted to the "bad boy" image. The guy who is mysterious, rebellious and challenging. As we mature, we understand the importance of having a partner who is grounded, strong, fun-loving and honest. A simple man who respects us, is there for us, and genuinely loves us. An all around good guy.

Remember the days before we were all boy crazy? As little girls we dreamt about unicorns, fairies and rainbows; magical things that, ironically, you can't ever really seem to catch. But you can catch a good man. An authentic man. A kind and loving man. He's the infamous Unicorn Boyfriend, and he is anything but a myth. He's real and he is out there. You just have to avoid wasting your precious time on Mr Wrong.

Here's how to spot him:

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