GF911 Reader Review on Take Your Power Back!

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Here is the latest review on from a Girlfriend 911 reader:

If you find yourself in this situation:

* your partner is not taking you seriously.
* your relationship is going nowhere.
* you keep giving and your partner just keeps taking.
* your kindness is being taken advantage of.
* you're in love and he's not (and you're not on the same page).
* your relationship is getting complicated.
* your partner is giving you mixed signals.
* you can't get a straight answer from your partner.

GF911 is a "must have" tool for you. Relationships are not always smooth-sailing. In the book, Ms Jacquee (and Ms. Lori), share sure-fire strategies in fixing or perhaps letting go of a toxic relationship. By the way, don't feel bad to let go. It's amazing how liberating it feels! The process will aid you in regaining your strength and will empower you! The "Now What" chapter talks about what we go through after stating our boundaries & standards. Yes, we will get periods of weaknesses, but Ms Jacquee provides the tools to "not fall back and repeat the mistakes we've made in the past that brought us to this situation anyway." In summary, whether you get your partner back in your life or not ... you know that you are a valuable person and will not take any crap from anyone anymore!

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