GF911 Reader Review on She Pulled Me Through To See My Value

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Here is the latest review on from a Girlfriend 911 reader:

I can truly state Jacquee Kahn knows her stuff. Really, we all "know" deep down inside, we just choose to ignore it. Jacquee Kahn had the fortitude and guts to pull it out, put it on the table and really look at it. Then she wrote it down for every woman to read and know their own value. How can you not commend someone for making each of us find our value and own it! No more crying, no more groveling, no more " settling for crumbs." Read this book if you are ready to find your true self again and to respect and love yourself. Read this book if you are ready to find a better life. To the doubters..... I have never met this woman, but boy would I like to!

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