GIRLFRIEND 911 THE BOOK -- Learn How To Tap Into Your Own Power!

My book, Girlfriend 911, is not just a book about how to have a healthy relationship.  Its bigger message is how to tap into your own power, and how to find and keep your self-worth and self-respect -- traits so many women sadly lack these days.  The lessons and themes in Girlfriend 911 resonate with women who have lost their way when it comes to dating and relationships. Here’s an email I  received from a Girlfriend 911 reader that perfectly encapsulates what my book is all about, and why women are forever changed in the best way possible after they read it:

Dear Jacquee,

Thank you for answering my email! I appreciate your input and advice. My boyfriend and I talked, and I am willing to move forward slowly with him as long as he adheres to my standards. If not, he is gone. Thank you for helping me get my dignity back. I was in a bad marriage for a long time and I lost my sense of worth. I now have it back, and whether it works out with this man or I have to move on, I know I will be fine. I refuse to settle ever again. 

All the best,

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