Why He Won't Commit Or Get Serious?

Women often ask me what men truly think about commitment.  Since I’m not a man, I’ll defer to a blogger who recently wrote the following from a male perspective. 


"Why won't he commit or get serious with me?" 

The only possible Answers:

1) He's not passionate about you, or connected to you on a deep level. 

2) He only wants you for sex.

3) He's sleeping with someone else. 

4) He got burned in his last relationship and is scared to go down that road again. 

It has nothing to do with being afraid of commitment, being weak or being fearful of losing our freedom. Men know as soon as a woman opens her mouth whether or not we want to date her. How serious the relationship gets is entirely up to the women at that point. Yes. Our decision is made that quickly.

Men have no issues committing to our favorite sports teams, music, cars, etc. So why would we be unable to do the same with women? The answer lies above.

Leave a comment and let me know, DO YOU AGREE OR DISAGREE WITH HIS ANSWER? Would you add any other reasons why you think men have a hard time committing? 

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