Holiday Blues: Single Gals and Jingle Bells...

Do you have a case of the holiday blues? Many people struggle to get through the holiday season, but it seems to be an especially hard time for single women who tend to feel lost and alone when happy families, loving couples, and holiday cheer surround you. Don't be too hard on yourself. Your time will come, but in the meantime, Girlfriend 911 has the following tips for staying happy and on track this holiday season:

1) Enjoy Your Freedom:

For single women out there, the holidays don't necessarily have to be a depressing time of the year. Instead of focusing on what you don't have, my suggestion would be to concentrate on what you do have.  The most important thing, and the best part of being single is the FREEDOM you have. The freedom that many people in unhappy relationships would die to have.  Even people in happy relationships don’t have the kind of freedom that single people do. This is not to suggest you need to stay single forever, but it’s to remind you to recognize and celebrate this stage of your life and embrace it fully. At any moment Mr. Right, your soul mate could be around the corner.

2) Feed Your Soul:

Use this time wisely to really do things that you enjoy doing.  I talk in my book about the concept of “feeding your soul” – doing things that make you feel good. For example: pamper yourself at a spa, take up a new hobby, go for walks on the beach, join a dance class, see a good movie or read a good self-help book.  And feeding your soul doesn’t have to be done alone – go on holiday with good friends, throw a dinner party, etc.  The bottom line is, feeding your soul is about doing all the things you enjoy doing GUILT FREE. Even if it’s just being a couch potato, that’s okay. The whole point is you don’t have to answer to anyone, you just get this time to be YOU! So surrender to this time in your life, as you won’t be single forever, and know that everything happens in perfect timing! Surround yourself with positive influences, good friends, and supportive family.

3) Stay True To Yourself:

Do not get sucked into “picture perfect” Christmas cards or pictures friends and family are posting on Facebook and other social media sites. It’s important to remember a picture is perfect because it’s still and captures a perfect moment in time. Once that moment has passed, it’s back to reality and most people’s reality is far from perfect. So don’t believe everything you see or read. Concentrate on you and your life, and don’t worry (or get sucked into) what’s happening with other people around you.

4) Re-Evaluate Your Life and Make Positive Changes:

For people in relationships the holidays magnify everything.  It’s a time to re-evaluate their lives and their futures. If you’re unhappy it’s time to get pro-active, dig deep, and be really honest with yourself. If you’re not happy and aren’t getting what you want in your relationship only YOU have the power to change that. So many women lose their power and lose their voice once they get into a relationship. So the important thing is to reconnect with yourself, tap into your needs and your wants, and find your voice. In my book, Girlfriend 911, I have a whole program on how to shift the balance of power in an unhappy relationship. How to get a standard for yourself and a boundary for your man, and how to once again get back in the driver’s seat and find your happiness.

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