Dear GF911: I Have No Idea What You're Talking About, HELP! Part Two

Dear Girlfriend 911,

OMG you're never going to believe it, but he called!!! I did exactly what you told me to do and he finally called.  He said he has been unsure about what to do, but that he does miss me and wants to continue our relationship. I tried to keep the conversation brief and told him again that I was done with empty relationships.  It was funny he didn't want me to get off the phone. Girlfriend 911 you'd be so proud of me, I'm sticking to my standards and I feel completely empowered. He's been calling and texting. Yesterday he texted me, but supposedly he didn't get my return text so today he sent me a good morning text and when I responded he wrote, "YOU finally responded to me."  It was so nice to see he missed me and was looking for me. So I am taking it slow and I will continue to keep you updated. I have been telling people how well this book has worked and I will continue to do so, but I do have one more question; I really want a ring and am confused as to my game plan here?



Dear Stacey,

Well obviously, by finally creating a standard for yourself and a boundary for your man, it's working. See how you've turned the tables and he's being honest with you in terms of his feelings, missing you etc?...

This is awesome, so good job! I think you need to take baby steps moving forward. Rings and marriage can sometimes be overwhelming and scary to men, so I would start by focusing on creating a long-term, healthy relationship as your goal for now. It seems like you're on your way, so when you feel like you and Stuart have achieved that, and are in a stable and happy place, then you can start to talk about marriage. Don't rush it. Game plan is you want a communicative, committed, monogamous relationship first. If he's on the same page, then go for it. If not, then he doesn't get to be in your life until he is. Hope that helps.

Girlfriend 911

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