Dear GF911: Boyfriend 911???

Dear Girlfriend 911,

Hopefully you will have a good laugh at this question. I don't really know whether it's appropriate to ask this or not, but... is there any Boyfriend 911 service in existance somewhere in the world? I would love to talk to someone similar to you, who specializes in helping men.  I think there's great demand for that too out there.

I might not be the only guy who has a girlfriend and wishes she could follow GF911, it would make everything a hell lot easier for everyone, especially me!

Congratulations on the book! I've just read it and it was a really an eye-opening experience.


Girlfriend 911 Admirer

Dear Girlfriend 911 Admirer,

Thanks for your kind words. That is a very appropriate question, and unfortunately I don't know the answer, however, I do have male clients that I work with, and perhaps when I sit down to
write my second book, I will include a "Boyfriend 911" chapter. 

In the meantime, encourage your girlfriend to read Girlfriend 911, or as you've read it, help her to change her behavior so she that she can create healthy, happy and fulfilling relationships. 

Girlfriend 911

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