What Do Men Really Want?

It's true that men are not overly complicated.  It's true they are quite simple creatures.  It's also true that there is more to men than just sex, sex, sex. There is a way to trigger a man's heart, and it's crucial to do so if you want to have a lasting relationship. Women and men will never fully understand each other, but there are certainly some basic things we need to know about men. One is that "empowerment" is key for both men and women. There is a balance that has to be achieved  -- a balance of power.  No one person can overpower the other in a relationship, or the relationship will be doomed. You know what happens when scales are out of balance.  Same goes for relationships. It's all about balance. I talk a lot in my book about being "in your power." Well men also need to be empowered, and be made to feel like men, or they can quickly become emasculated. It's important to make your man feel important, needed and wanted.  However, there is a huge difference between "needed" and "needy." Don't mix up the two. As Greg Hodges writes in the Huffington Post, empowering your man to feel like a hero is empowering your man to be your hero. http://huff.to/R63etQ

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