The Difference Between Men and Women After a Break Up

For those of you going through a painful breakup, the illustration below couldn't be more true. If you've read my book, Girlfriend 911, you understand that when a man wants to end a relationship, you have to let that happen and move on with your life, no matter what. Exit gracefully! Don't fight it and find a way to be happy within yourself!  If you handle it correctly and he's the one, he will begin missing you terribly during this phase.  The more confident you are about being alone and moving on, the more he will begin yearning for you.  If it's meant to be, he will come back.  But there are some crucial things you need to learn to do first, and believe it or not, they are the total opposite of what women do instinctively.  Follow my Girlfriend 911 program to learn more, and get him begging for you to be back in his life.

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