Girlfriend 911 Testimonial

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Dear Girlfriend 911,

I felt compelled to write and tell you that two months after reading your book, I found my soul mate, and he is FABULOUS!!!  We are 100% committed and we are getting engaged by the end of the year!!! I actually knew him in college and we reconnected. He is moving here in the fall/winter from the East coast. I told him, no ring, no move in...his response: no problem!!! He is divine!!!! Your book really helped me in setting rules and boundaries. So, thank you! Thank you!

Oh, and the guy that I was dating who wouldn't commit to me,  the reason I read your book in the first place, I got rid of for good. I just heard through a mutual friend he has a new girlfriend and plans on taking YEARS to figure out if she is the one. No thanks!!

Thanks again.

Layla xox

(*Names have been changed)

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