FROM THE MAN’S POINT OF VIEW - What is the biggest turn on for a man?

I’ve noticed over the years that when dating and relationship advice comes from a guy, women pay more attention and listen just a little bit harder. I get it – you want to know what he’s thinking, and how what you do affects him. With that in mind, I wanted to share this “Jake” column with you from an issue of Glamour magazine.

 (“Jake” is the pseudonym for the magazine’s relationship columnist who provides dating advice from the male point of view).  Thanks, “Jake,” for confirming what I always knew to be true!  Check it out Ladies. If you want to learn how to change your behavior, adjust your attitude, and become self-empowered then check out my book, GIRLFRIEND 911.

“Two years or so into my life as Jake, you see, I started dating a woman I code-named Orange Blossoms (due to her insanely intoxicating perfume). We were nuts about each other, but she pushed hard for commitment, and I felt trapped. Much to the horror of my readers (and they were very vocal), I broke up with her. Months later I bumped into Blossoms at a real estate open house, and I realized she had changed. Whether consciously or not, she had tapped into some secret reservoir of power. "I thought you were responsible for making me happy and responsible for when I wasn't," she told me. "That wasn't fair." I'd never seen her so strong, and suddenly I wanted nothing more than to be with her, to make her happy. That's when it hit me: Every month, all those cute, desirable, frustrated-in-love women who wrote me letters asking me how to get men to notice them, to love them, to commit? They would never get anywhere trying to change their boyfriends. What they needed to change was their own attitude. This is what Jake has been trying to tell women for 56 years, and it's what I'm saying to you now: Women, you have no freaking idea how powerful you really are.”

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