Dear GF911: Lonely on Valentine's Day

Dear Girlfriend 911,
I was in a relationship but ultimately I realized I wasn’t getting what I needed from my boyfriend. We weren’t on the same page, and as he couldn’t give me what I was looking for, we broke up a few months ago. Now that Valentine’s Day is here, I’m feeling really bummed. What should I do? Did I make a mistake?  Should I have waited and broken up with him after Valentine’s Day?
Lonely Valentine.

Dear Lonely Valentine,
I get that roses and chocolates are fun, as are romantic dates, but Valentine’s Day is just like every other day on the calendar. Please don’t buy into the Hallmark holiday, because that’s just what it is. The important thing is that you recognized you weren’t getting what you needed out of the relationship, and that you guys weren’t on the same page.  So why prolong the inevitable?  If you were clear about your boundaries and what you needed out of the relationship, and he wasn’t able to give that to you, then of course you made the right decision. This year, why don’t you use Valentine’s Day to go out and have fun with your girlfriends, go to the spa and pamper yourself, and just feel lucky for now that you’re footloose and fancy free. Your “Mr Right” could be just around the corner. So instead of looking back, look forward. As my mom always told me, “Better to be home alone, than home wishing you were alone.”
Girlfriend 911

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