GF911 Don't: Scare Him Off

Nicole's story:
I had a wonderful third date with a guy I was starting to like a lot. On the date, he talked about where we'd go on our next date. He also mentioned perhaps driving up to wine country together sometime. After he walked me to the door and kissed me good night, I couldn't contain my excitement.
We had so much fun and he was such a good kisser too. I wanted to thank him again for the date, so before he probably even got to his car, I sent him a simple text "Smitten." I was surprised when he didn't text me back right away. I was even more surprised and very upset when I never heard from him again.  I guess "Smitten" was just too much. I wish I hadn't sent that text.

Girlfriend 911's take: This is a big DON'T. If you’re in the early dating phases, don't reveal your feelings for him first; always let him tell you how he feels about you first. Don't be surprised if it doesn’t happen on the third, fourth, or even fifth date. Women are very instinctive and can fall in love on the first date, but it takes men a lot longer to really know how they feel.


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