Dear GF911: He's Not Asking Me Out

Dear Gf911,
I read your book and loved it!! So here's my question. I met a guy at a party. We spent the whole night talking and he asked for my number. He called me a few days later and asked me out. We went out on one date. We had a really good time and I genuinely like him. He called me two days after the date and we had a good chat.  On the call he said he'd loved to go out again and I reiterated the same. A few more days later he texted me happy new year and I responded by wishing him a happy new year as well. Ten more days have gone by since then with no word from him.  Then yesterday he texted me "Hello Young Lady" Okay so I'm "reading the signs" and clearly they are showing me there is no urgency from him to ask me out, or see me again. In your book you say we should always follow the man's lead at the beginning of the dating process so I wanted to respond back and say "Well, hello gentlemen" Is this the right thing to do? Or should I just ignore him?
GF911 fan

Dear GF911 fan, 
Thanks for reading my book and I'm really glad you loved it! Firstly, good for you for "reading the signs" that are so clearly telling you this guy is not where you need him to be. As you said you liked him, I do think it's worth responding and I think
your response is brilliant. Give him back what he's giving you. Hopefully he'll see what a ridiculous text message that was to send you and step it up in his response. If, however, he doesn't, then he has to go. And if you don't hear from him at all, then that's further proof of what you already know -- he's not where you need him to be, and this is NOT the guy for you! This is a great example of when you sit back and let the guys take charge you get to very clearly see how they really feel about you. 
Girlfriend 911